Fund Raising

Throughout the year, Oshkosh Mid-Morning Kiwanis works to raise funds for a variety of grants, scholarships and special projects. We’ll do almost anything to raise a buck for children in our community, and we have a long history of brat frys, spaghetti dinners, talent shows, competitive races, pet contests and more! If young people and their future are important to you, we need your time and talent. Join the fun and help us build a strong community…one child at a time!

Listed below are some of the fun things we do to raise money!

EAA Water and Beverage Sales
What could be more fun than providing thirsty Air Venture guests with water or a soda on a hot day at the convention? Our club manages two water carts for the entire duration of the world wide show, netting between $5000 and $8000 per year.

Amazing Oshkosh
You’ve heard of the Amazing Race, right? This is our version of the event. Teams of four compete for bragging rights and money going all out with fun costumes and team names. While suspended during COVID, watch for this competitive city wide race to make a return in the near future.

NEW Top Dog

In response to the pandemic, our club got creative and developed this fun online competition to see who is the TOP Dog in Northeast Wisconsin. In it’s inaugural year, the event grossed over $50,000. In year two by expanding it to six local contests, and then a champion round, we raised over $250,000!! Just imagine how many Ipads or undergarments that could buy, or grants we can award teachers.


Kiwanis Golf Outing

A new event for our club, the golf outing is a fun way for our members and guests to enjoy comraderie and competition on the links, all while raising money for kids. What could be better?

Mid Morning Kiwanis Foundation

Our fundraising dollars are kept separate from our administrative accounts in our 501c3 Foundation. If you have a cause or a need and would like to apply for one of our grants, please fill out the grant application and submit to our Foundation Board for consideration. Submission does not guarantee funding.

Grant Request Guidelines

1.  All projects must fit the mission of our club, which is focused specifically on helping the youth of our community.

2.  All requests must be submitted in writing using the grant application form that can be found here.

3.  All applications must specifically state how the grant money will be spent and how it will specifically help the youth of our community.

4.  All grant requests must be for a specific, well-defined project and include a realistic estimate of the total project cost and the amount of grant dollars being requested.

5.  All grant requests must be for a specific project and not for general funding of an organization.

6.  The Foundation Board may, at its discretion, request the applicant to attend a club meeting and make a presentation to club members on the details and merits of the project prior to awarding the grant.

7.  All awarded grantees shall agree to report back to the club with the results of the project.

8.  All grant requests shall be submitted to the most recent Oshkosh Mid-Morning Kiwanis past president, who shall solicit input on the requests from “Past Presidents” for consideration by the Foundation Board (prior to the Foundation Board’s vote on the requests).

9.  All grant requests shall be reviewed by the Foundation Board with approval requiring a majority affirmation by the Board.

10.  Even though requests for individual grants are welcome, our goal as a foundation is to fund projects that will create an impact for as many as youth as possible.

11.  These guidelines shall be used as “guidelines” only and may be waived from time to time by the Foundation Board upon their sole determination that a specific grant, while not meeting the above guidelines, does meet the objectives of the Foundation.

12.  Grants shall be at the sole discretion of the Mid-Morning Kiwanis Foundation Board and shall be exempt from legal disputes or recourse by any applicant or third party.


Foundation Board

President – Colleen Harvot
Secretary – JD Williams
Treasurer – Bruce Williams
Member – Brittney Bartel
Member – Megan Dalsing
Member – Courtney Schroeder
Member – Tom Sonnleitner
Member – Lisa Voss