About Us

We are pleased you have found the Mid-Morning Kiwanis Club of Oshkosh website! We are a local organization of men and women dedicated to serving the children and young people of Oshkosh, as well as our interest in supporting initiatives by Kiwanis International that help children throughout the nation and the world.  Please visit our foundation request online application if your organization has a need to help serve the children of Oshkosh.

We welcome new members to join our club!  We meet every Friday from 8 am to 9 am at Wittman Regional Airport. Guests are welcome! For information on how to participate visit our contact page.


"Giving a child an ipad has made a huge difference in their lives.  These ipads have opened up a world that they wouldn't ordinarily have been exposed to. I have witnessed enormous smiles when given their ipads. Thank you Mid-Morning Kiwanis on behalf of every student lucky enough to be given a device."
Patti Kimball

Transition Skills Manager, Oshkosh Area School District

"Jacob was recently hospitalized for over a month and his iPad definitely helped with many of the medical things that went on during that time. It was helpful from YouTube distractions to communicating things with the medical personnel and doctors with his communication app. At home,  we are able to understand if Jacob has something that he needs help with, or if he is having pain and needs help with that.  I could go on about how much this iPad has benefitted Jacob's life. Thank you so much!"
Janelle Kroll

Mother of Jacob, an iPad recipient

"The Wildcat Cafe was fortunate to be awarded a grant which enabled us to purchase an espresso/latte machine by Oshkosh Mid-Morning Kiwanis.  This machine has allowed us to expand our product offerings and broaden our teachable skills for students with disabilities"
Patti Kimball

Transition Skills Manager, Oshkosh Area School District